CH2016 offline programmer CH-2016 24 25 93 eeprom spi flash AVR MCU programmer

CH2016 offline programmer CH-2016 24 25 93 eeprom spi flash AVR MCU programmer
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CH2016 offline programmer CH-2016 24 25 93 eeprom spi flash AVR MCU programmer

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CH2016 Mini programmer device is the Multi-functional offline programmer, support 24 93 25 eeprom / spi flash / AVR MCU / Data Flash, can also be connected to the computer offline operation, support TF memory card reader, save the file

CH2016 multi-functional high-speed programmer for 24 93 25 eeprom / spi flash / AVR MCU / Data Flash

FN more menu key, you can customize the programming procedure, programming project settings are saved, retrieved from TF memory card file programming, the data stored in the mother substrate TF memory card, set the body language, set the screen brightness settings buzzer, set the screen saver time, boot time.
When you want to use offline, you can use the USB cable to charge treasure CH2016 programmer power or USB cable to connect the computer's USB port power supply.
Volume CH2016 very high speed programmer mini, portable and practical, powerful beyond traditional programmers. It will become good partners in your work!
CH2016 offline programmer Product Use steps:
Offline operation:
Connection charge treasure or connect the computer USB cable, power supply to the programmer, the boot, see CH2016 welcome screen.

FN multifunction menu button: F1 chip set; F2 operation setting; F3 file setting; F4 number setting; F5 works set; F6 chip copy; F7 reader; F8 virtual serial port; F9 language; F11 file browser; F12 other options; F13 About

F1. Chip set
F1 to enter the sub-menu, there are three options: chip select chip identification, compulsory identification.
Under normal circumstances, SPI FLASH chip [chip can be used to automatically identify the identification] chip models.
If you know the chip type or 24,93 EEPROM chip, the chip can use [selection] to choose.
[Chip select]: Type 1 - Select the type of chip belongs to, such as 24 EEPROM, 25 EEPROM, 93 EEPROM, SPI FLASH, DATA FLASH, STM32, AVR and the like.

After selecting the chip model information, press OK to confirm Pin Configuration appears, press OK.
In the upper left corner of the screen, with the text prompt project is operating. Write is successful, the success of the lower left corner of the display will show the number of +1.

F2: Operation Settings
I Rep ID detection
E denotes an erasure
W represents a write
V represents a check
L represents a lock
The default procedure is I-E-W-V-L, the detection chip [ID] - [Chip Erase] - [write data] - [Data Validation] - [Lock].
Users can also set up their own steps. For example, no ID check, direct erase - write - check is E-W-V.
Subtracting step operation: select I, press Sign up or Sign down, when I became the symbol - is exempt step. If I want to replace the erased, it is E.
F3. Document Settings
Press OK to enter the sub menu: open the file, read the file, delete the file.
F4. Number setting
State OFF, shut down the serial number. Right Symbol can open the status display is ON. You can set the number of bytes, the size of the terminal, address, value.
F5. Engineering set
Press OK to enter the sub-menu: Open the project, save the project, Save as, Delete project.
F6. Chip Copy
[Chip] is [copy] mother substrate Duikao meaning.
The mother substrate chip is placed at position 8 green locking seat. Blank chip is placed on the green 8 position locking seat.
Write is successful, the bottom left corner of the display the number of success will be +1. By continuing mother substrate Duikao, you need to pick up the chips on 8 position, and then insert a blank chip to (mother substrate does not move).

F7. Reader
Each CH2016 are equipped with a 128MB memory card. Users can program the required files (BIN, HEX format) stored in the memory card. Offline programming when performing file transfer out, to operate.
The master data sheet or data read out by CH2016 writer saved in the memory card for later use.
F8. Virtual serial port
F9. Language
It can be set to English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. As for the late show an increase in language requirements, you can contact us.
F11. File Browser
Browsing memory card files.
F12. Other options
You can set the screen brightness, the screen saver time, boot time, the beeper volume.
F13. Information about
Authentic CH2016, every writer has a unique serial number of the body.

CH2016 Programmer support chip list:
Support Matrix Chip Type:

************************* 24 EEPROM *********************** **
AT24C01; AT24C01A; AT24C01B; AT24C02; AT24C02A;
AT24C02B; AT34C02D; AT24C04; AT24C04A; AT24C04B; AT34C04;
AT24C08; AT24C08A; AT24C08B; AT24RF08C; AT24C16; AT24C16A;
AT24C16B; AT24C32; AT24C32A; AT24C32B; AT24C64; AT24C64A;
AT24C64B; AT24C128; AT24C128A; AT24C128B; AT24C256; AT24C256A;
AT24C256B; AT24C512; AT24C512A; AT24C512B; AT24C1024;
AT24C1024A; AT24C1024B;
CAT24C01; CAT24C02; CAT24C04; CAT24C08; CAT24C16;
CAT24C32; CAT24C64; CAT24C128; CAT24C256; CAT24C512;
24C01; 24C02; 24C04; 24C08; 24C16; 24C32; 24C64;
24C128; 24C256; 24C512; 24C1024;
 FM24C01; FM24C02; FM24C03; FM24C04; FM24C05;
FM24C08; FM24C09; FM24C16; FM24C17; FM24C32; FM24C64;
FM24C128; FM24C256; FM24C512; FM24C1024;
 HT24C01; HT24LC01; HT24C02; HT24LC02; HT24C04;
HT24LC04; HT24C08; HT24LC08; HT24C16; HT24LC16; HT24C32;
HT24LC32; HT24C64; HT24LC64; HT24C128; HT24LC128; HT24C256;
HT24LC256; HT24C512; HT24C1024;
 IS24C01; IS24C02; IS24C04; IS24C08; IS24C16; IS24C32;
IS24C64; IS24C128; IS24C256; IS24C512; IS24C1024;
24AA00; 24FC00; 24LC00; 24AA01; 24FC01; 24LC01;
24AA02; 24FC02; 24LC02; 24AA04; 24FC04; 24LC04; 24AA08; 24FC08;
24LC08; 24AA16; 24FC16; 24LC16; 24AA32; 24FC32; 24LC32; 24AA64;
24FC64; 24LC64; 24AA128; 24FC128; 24LC128; 24AA256; 24FC256;
24LC256; 24AA512; 24FC512; 24LC512; 24AA1026; 24FC1026;
24C02; 24C02L; 24C64;
 FM24C04A; FM24CL04; FM24C16A; FM24CL16; FM24C64;
FM24CL64; FM24C256; FM24CL256; FM24C512;
BR24C01; BR24L01; BR24C02; BR24L02; BR24C04; BR24C04;
BR24C08; BR24L08; BUL08; BR24C16; BR24L16; BR24C32; BR24L32;
BR24C64; BR24L64;
M24C01; ST24C01; M24C02; ST24C02; M24C04; ST24C04; M24C08;
ST24C08; M24C16; ST24C16; M24C32; ST24C32; M24C64; ST24C64;
M24128; M24256; M24512; M24M01; M24M02;
X24C01; X24C02; X24C04; X24C08; X24C16;
************************* 25 EEPROM *********************** **
AT25010; AT25020; AT25040; AT25080; AT25160; AT25320;
AT25640; AT25128; AT25256; AT25512;
CAT25C01; CAT25C01P; CAT25C01S; CAT25C01U;
CAT25C02P; CAT25C02S; CAT25C02U; CAT25C03P; CAT25C03S;
CAT25C03U; CAT25C04P; CAT25C04S; CAT25C04U; CAT25C05P;
CAT25C05S; CAT25C05U; CAT25C08P; CAT25C08S; CAT25C08U;
CAT25C09P; CAT25C09S; CAT25C09U; CAT25C16P; CAT25C16S;
CAT25C16U; CAT25C17P; CAT25C17S; CAT25C17U; CAT25C32P;
CAT25C32S; CAT25C33P; CAT25C33S; CAT25C64P; CAT25C64S;
CAT25C65P; CAT25C65S; CAT25C128P; CAT25C128S; CAT25C256P;
 25C01; 25C02; 25C040; 25C080; 25C160; 25C320; 25C640;
25C128; 25C256;
 25AA040; 25C040; 25LC040; 25AA080; 25C080; 25LC080;
25AA160; 25C160; 25LC160; 25AA320; 25C320; 25LC320; 25AA640;
25C640; 25LC640; 25AA128; 25LC128; 25AA256; 25LC256;
FM25L04; FM25C160; FM25L16; FM25640; FM25CL64;
FM25V01; FM25L256; FM25V02; FM25V05; FM25V10; FM25V20;
M95010; ST25C01; ST25W01; M95020; ST25C02; ST25W02; M95040;
ST25C04; ST25W04; M95080; ST25C08; ST25W08; M95160; ST25C16;
ST25W16; M95320; M95640; M95128; M95256; M95512; M95M01;
TI2532; TI2532A; TI2564;
 X25010; X25020; X25040; X25080; X25160; X25320; X25640;
X25128; X25256; X25512;
************************* 93 EEPROM *********************** **
ACE93C46-16bit; ACE93C46-8bit;
AK93C45A; AK93C55A; AK93C65A; AK93C75A;
ATC93C46-16bit; ATC93C46-8bit; ATC93C56-16bit;
ATC93C56-8bit; ATC93C66-16bit; ATC93C66-8bit; ATC93C86-16bit;
 93C46-16bit; 93C46-8bit; 93C46A; 93C46B; 93C46C-16bit;
93C46C-8bit; 93C56-16bit; 93C56-8bit; 93C56A; 93C56B;
93C56C-16bit; 93C56C-8bit; 93C66-16bit; 93C66-8bit; 93C66A;
93C66B; 93C66C-16bit; 93C66C-8bit; 93C76-16bit; 93C76-8bit;
93C76A; 93C76B; 93C76C-16bit; 93C76C-8bit; 93C86-16bit;
93C86-8bit; 93C86A; 93C86B; 93C86C-16bit; 93C86C-8bit;
CAT93C46-16bit; CAT93C46-8bit; CAT93C56-16bit;
CAT93C56-8bit; CAT93C57-16bit; CAT93C57-8bit; CAT93C66-16bit;
CAT93C66-8bit; CAT93C86-16bit; CAT93C86-8bit;
 93C06; 93C46-16bit; 93C46-8bit; 93C56-16bit;
93C56-8bit; 93C66-16bit; 93C66-8bit; 93C76-16bit; 93C76-8bit;
93C86-16bit; 93C86-8bit;
 XL93C06; XL93C46; XL93CS46; XL93LC46; XL93C56; XL93LC56;
XL93C66; XL93LC66;
FM93C06; FM93C46; FM93C46A-16bit; FM93C46A-8bit;
FM93C56; FM93C56A-16bit; FM93C56A-8bit; FM93C66;
FM93C66A-16bit; FM93C66A-8bit; FM93C86A-16bit; FM93C86A-8bit;
 HT93LC46-16bit; HT93LC46-8bit; HT93LC56-16bit;
HT93LC56-8bit; HT93LC66-16bit; HT93LC66-8bit;
 IS93C46; IS93C46A-16bit; IS93C46A-8bit; IS93C56;
IS93C56A-16bit; IS93C56A-8bit; IS93C66; IS93C66A-16bit;
IS93C66A-8bit; IS93C76A-16bit; IS93C76A-8bit; IS93C86A-8bit;
93C06; 93AA46-16bit; 93AA46-8bit; 93C46-16bit;
93C46-8bit; 93C46A; 93C46B; 93LC46-16bit; 93LC46-8bit;
93LC46A; 93LC46B; 93AA56-16bit; 93AA56-8bit; 93C56-16bit;
93C56-8bit; 93C56A; 93C56B; 93LC56-16bit; 93LC56-8bit;
93LC56A; 93LC56B; 93AA66-16bit; 93AA66-8bit; 93C66-16bit;
93C66-8bit; 93C66A; 93C66B; 93LC66-16bit; 93LC66-8bit;
93LC66A; 93LC66B; 93AA76-16bit; 93AA76-8bit; 93C76-16bit;
93C76-8bit; 93LC76-16bit; 93LC76-8bit; 93AA86-16bit;
93AA86-8bit; 993C86-16bit; 93LC86-16bit; 93LC86-8bit;
 93C06; 93CS06; 93C46; 93CS46; 93C56; 93CS56; 93C66;
93CS66; 93C86; 93CS86;
 BR93LC46; BR93LC46RF; BR93LC56; BR93LC56RF; BR93LC66;
S-93C46A; S-93C56A; S-93C66A;
ST93C06; M93C46-16bit; M93C46-8bit; M93S46; M93S46R;
M93S46W; ST93C46; M93C56-16bit; M93C56-8bit; M93S56; M93S56R;
M93S56W; ST93C56; M93C66-16bit; M93C66-8bit; M93S66; M93S66R;
M93S66W; ST93C66; M93C76-16bit; M93C76-8bit; M93C86-16bit;
************************* SPI FLASH *********************** **
AMIC: A25L05PT; A25L05PU; A25L512; A25L010; A25L10PT;
A25L10PU; A25L020; A25L20PT; A25L20PU; A25L040; A25L40P;
A25L080; A25L80P; A25L016; A25L16PT; A25L16PU; A25LQ16;
A25L032; A25LQ032; A25LQ32A; A25LQ64;
AT25F512; AT25F512A; AT25F512B; AT25F1024; AT25F1024A;
AT25FS010; AT25DF021; AT25F2048; AT25FS020; AT25DF041A;
AT25F4096; AT25FS040; AT25SF041; AT26F004; AT25SF081;
AT26DF081A; AT25DF161; AT25SF161; AT26DF161; AT26DF161A;
AT25DF321; AT25DF321A; AT26DF321; AT25DF641;
 BG25Q40A; BG25Q80A; BG25Q16A; BG25Q32A;
Pm25LD256C; Pm25LD512; Pm25LD512C; Pm25LQ512A;
Pm25LD010; Pm25LD010C; Pm25LQ010A; Pm25LD020; Pm25LD020C;
Pm25LQ020A; Pm25LD040; Pm25LD040C; Pm25LQ040A; Pm25LQ080;
Pm25LQ016; Pm25LQ032C;
 25P05; 25P10; 25P20; 25P40; 25P80; 25P16; 25P32;
25P64; 25P128;
 EN25B05; EN25B05T; EN25F05; EN25LF05; EN25P05; EN25B10;
EN25B10T; EN25D10; EN25F10; EN25LF10; EN25P10; EN25B20;
EN25B20T; EN25D20; EN25F20; EN25LF20; EN25P20; EN25B40;
EN25B40T; EN25D40; EN25F40; EN25LF40; EN25P40; EN25B80;
EN25B80T; EN25D80; EN25F80; EN25P80; EN25Q80A; EN25T80;
EN25B16; EN25B16T; EN25D16; EN25F16; EN25P16; EN25Q16;
EN25Q16A; EN25QH16; EN25T16; EN25B32; EN25B32T; EN25F32;
EN25P32; EN25Q32A; EN25Q32B; EN25QH32A; EN25B64; EN25B64T;
EN25F64; EN25P64; EN25Q64; EN25QH64; EN25F128; EN25Q128;
EN25QH128A; EN25QH256;
F25L01PA; F25L02PA; F25L004A; F25L004AT; F25L04PA;
F25L04UA; F25L008A; F25L008AT; F25L08PA; F25L08QA; F25L016A;
F25L016AT; F25L16PA; F25L16QA; F25L32A; F25L32AT; F25L32PA;
F25L32QA; F25L64QA;
ES25P10; ES25P20; ES25M40; ES25M40A; ES25P40;
ES25M80; ES25M80A; ES25P80; ES25M16; ES25M16A; ES25P16;
FM25F005; FM25F01; FM25F02; FM25F04; FM25FQ32;
GD25Q512; GD25Q10; GD25Q20B; GD25Q21B; GD25Q40B;
GD25Q41B; GD25Q80B; GD25Q16B; GD25Q32B; GD25Q64B; GD25Q64C;
M25P05; M25P10; M25P20; M25P40; M25P80; M25P16; M25P32;
N25Q032; N25Q032A; M25P64; N25Q064; N25Q064A; M25P128;
N25Q128; N25Q128A; N25Q256; N25Q256A;
MX25L512; MX25V512; MX25L1005; MX25L2005; MX25L4005A;
MX25V4005; MX25V4035; MX25L8005; MX25V8005; MX25V8035;
MX25L1605D; MX25L1606E; MX25L1633E; MX25L1635D; MX25L3205D;
MX25L3206E; MX25L3225D; MX25L3235D; MX25L3237D; MX25L6405D;
MX25L6406E; MX25L12805D; MX25L12835E; MX25L12845E;
MX25L25635E; MX25L25735E; MX25U5121E; MX25U1001E; MX25U2032E;
MX25U2033E; MX25U4032E; MX25U4033E; MX25U4035; MX25U8032E;
MX25U8033E; MX25U8035; MX25U8035E; MX25U1635E; MX25U1635F;
MX25U3235E; MX25U3235F; MX25U6435F; MX25U6473F; MX25U12835F;
MX25U12873F; MX25U25635F; MX25U51245G; MX25UM51245G;
NX25P10; NX25P20; NX25P40; NX25P80; NX25P16;
 PM25LV512; PM25LV010; PM25LV020; PM25LV040; PM25LV080B;
SA25F005; SA25F010; SA25F020; SA25F040; SA25F080;
SA25F160; SA25F320;
S25FL004A; S25FL008A; S25FL016A; S25FL116K;
S25FL032A; S25FL132K; S25FL064A; S25FL164K; S25FL128K;
S25FL128S; S25FL256S; S25FL512S;
 SST25LF512A; SST25VF512; SST25VF512A; SST25LF010A;
SST25VF010; SST25VF010A; SST25LF020A; SST25VF020;
SST25VF020A; SST25VF020B; SST25LF040A; SST25VF040;
SST25VF040A; SST25VF040B; SST25LF080A; SST25VF080;
SST25VF080A; SST25VF080B; SST25VF016B; SST25VF032B;
 M25P05; M25P05A; M25P10; M25P10A; M25PE10; M25P20; M25P20A;
M25PE20; M25P40; M25P40A; M25PE40; M25P80; M25P80A; M25PE80;
M25PX80; M25P16; M25PE16; M25PX16; M25P32; M25PX32; M25P64;
M25PX64; M25P128;
W25P10; W25X10; W25X10A; W25X10AL; W25X10L; W25P20;
W25Q20; W25X20; W25X20A; W25X20AL; W25X20L; W25P40; W25Q40;
W25X40; W25X40A; W25X40AL; W25X40L; W25P80; W25Q80; W25X80;
W25X80A; W25X80AL; W25X80L; W25P16; W25Q16; W25X16; W25P32;
W25Q32; W25X32; W25Q64; W25X64; W25Q128; W25Q256; W25M512JV;
W25Q10EW; W25Q20BW; W25Q20EW; W25Q40BW; W25Q40EW; W25Q80BW;
W25Q80EW; W25Q16DW; W25Q16FW; W25Q32FW; W25Q64FW; W25Q128FW;
************************* DATA
FLASH *************************
AT45DB011D-bin; AT45DB011B; AT45DB011D;
AT45DB021D-bin; AT45DB021B; AT45DB021D; AT45DB041D-bin;
AT45DB041B; AT45DB041D; AT45DB081D-bin; AT45DB081B;
AT45DB081D; AT45DB161D-bin; AT45DB161B; AT45DB161D;
AT45DB321D-bin; AT45DB321B; AT45DB321D; AT45DB642D-bin;
AT45DB642B; AT45DB642D;
************************* AVR ************************ *
 ATmega48A; ATmega48PA; ATmega8; ATmega8515; ATmega8535;
ATmega88A; ATmega88PA; ATmega16; ATmega162; ATmega163;
ATmega165; ATmega168A; ATmega168PA; ATmega169; ATmega169P;
ATmega32; ATmega325; ATmega3250; ATmega328; ATmega328P;
ATmega329; ATmega3290; ATmega406; ATmega64; ATmega640;
ATmega644; ATmega645; ATmega6450; ATmega649; ATmega6490;
ATmega128; ATmega1280; ATmega1281; ATmega1284P; ATmega2560;
************************* C8051 ************************

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