eMMC186 eMMC162 Test Socket Adapters FBGA186 FBGA162 SD eMMC IC Test Socket

eMMC186 eMMC162 Test Socket Adapters FBGA186 FBGA162 SD eMMC IC Test Socket
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eMMC186 eMMC162 Test Socket Adapters FBGA186 FBGA162 SD eMMC IC Test Socket

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  • 11.5 * 13 mm
  • 12 * 16 mm
  • 12 * 18 mm
  • 14 * 18 mm

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eMMC186 eMMC162 Test Socket Adapters have 4 IC 0.5mm 17pin (11.5x13,12x16,12x18,14x18mm) specification, BGA186 BGA162 SD eMMC Test Socket Adapter Compatible with: Toshiba, Samsung, Hynix, Intel, Sandisk and other package 4BIT,  8BIT eMMC Flash.

eMMC186 eMMC162 Test Socket Adapters FBGA186 FBGA162 SD eMMC IC Test Socket

eMMC186 eMMC162 socket with SD inferface Features:
1, Using the standard SD interface mode, SD connection or through the programming interface to achieve the appropriate operational test or the like through a card reader and computer programming;
2, Compatible with the ball without the ball test, IC uses a mold forming one bounding box, you can select different sizes of the bounding box to be replaced according to IC, IC can achieve different sizes General;
3, Support hot-swappable, support should be tested connected PIN via the SD interface or through a link on the board for the discharge;
4, PCB 4-layer wiring structure, reduce the use of the product in the test due to signal interference caused by unstable phenomenon, finger-thick gold plating process to ensure durability and exposure of use;
5, Also compatible with: Toshiba, Samsung, Hynix, Intel, Sandisk (SanDisk) and other brands IC
6, Also compatible with 162-FBGA 186-FBGA;
7, Beryllium copper shrapnel imported high-precision molds by stamping, head-shaped imitation probe design, late and hard, thick gold plating process to ensure product stability and durability;
8, The connection module with the overall structure, reduce duplication locate problems and ensure their points of contact with the IC PAD precise alignment, the first test pass rate;
9, Using through-hole solder structure to ensure good contact, SOCKET and PCBA accurate positioning using the positioning hole easy to replace;
10, Clamshell structure, easier manual testing, convenient and simple to operate;
11, Using the overall shape of the mold plus spring adaptive structure, to ensure that different thickness of IC does not require any adjustment to ensure good contact IC test universal wide (thickness 0.6-2.0MM range can be tested);
12, A structure using injection molding, precision positioning, pick and place convenient IC, work more efficiently;

1. Select and IC matching the bounding box, parallel to the direction of the press into the IC SOCKET;
2, In the direction of idle inserted SD interface for connection to a computer or programmer corresponding test, burn;

 Repair and maintenance:
In the use of this product can not be found during tests or test performance is unstable, it is recommended to use the following solutions:
1, With an air gun or anti-static brush to remove impurities inside SOCKET seat to good contact;
2, With anhydrous alcohol to clean SOCKET, the impurities adhered to the top of shrapnel clean so good contact;
3, If found shrapnel had burned inside SOCKET, please purchase the appropriate SOCKET replaced;
4, Plug interface is not detected or can not be tested to check whether shrapnel burned inside SOCKET (if press C treatment) or individual PIN (co 17PIN) not naturally pop up (if press C treatment), check gold Are your fingers dirty, please use the eraser to clean the finger and try to check reader or programmer is normal;
5. Do not use water that day, washer water and other organic solvents soaking, washing, to avoid damage to the internal structure SOCKET;
6, When not in use for a long time, use anti-static bag sealed to prevent dust falling, the impact of product testing performance.

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