eMMC/eMCP 3in1 test socket eMMC programmer adapter reader BGA169/153/162/186/221

eMMC/eMCP 3in1 test socket eMMC programmer adapter reader BGA169/153/162/186/221
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eMMC/eMCP 3in1 test socket eMMC programmer adapter reader BGA169/153/162/186/221

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  • 11.5 * 13 mm
  • 12 * 16 mm
  • 12 * 18 mm
  • 14 * 18 mm

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eMMC/eMCP 3in1 programming adatapters is an easy use tool to connect chip and PC. Just like a U disk. Includes size limiter: 11.5x13 12x16 12x18 14x18mm. It is designed for test, debug, validation, data recovery and programming of eMMC. It provides a compact test solution for eMMC used in applications such as mobile, data recorder, the Internet of things, etc.

eMMC/eMCP 3in1 test socket 11.5x13 12x16 12x18 14x18 eMMC programmer adapter reader BGA169/153/162/186/221

We provide a simple software which can check the capacity, read, write and verify. Please send us an email if you need it.

1) Test, debug, validation, and programming of eMMC devices.
2) Failure analysis / System and wafer test.
3) Package and Chip qualification.
4) Production prototype / Data recovery.

1) Support package: BGA169,BGA153,BGA162,BGA186,BGA221
2) Support eMMC: thickness is 0.8 to 1.5mm, pin pitch is 0.5mm
3) Long life span: 100,000(Mechanical)
4) Support all brand eMMC,such as Samsung, Hynix, Sandisk, Toshiba, Intel, Kingston etc
5) Support hot plug, eMMC can be directly connected to PC with the usb connector
6) Identify, reading, accessing and writting data
7) Well designed to connect flat bottom, solder ball,even if no ball.

Product use:
Programming Block, Test Block, for EMMC162 / 221 / EMMC153 / 169 of IC chip testing, read and write

Test Methods:
1. Select and IC matching the bounding box, placed parallel to the direction of the IC SOCKET press within
2, the USB cable into your computer USB port, turn on the power switch on the nest, select the appropriate test procedures

Applicable Package:
EMMC153 / 169 EMCP162 EMCP221 pin pitch 0.5mm

Test Block:
EMMC153 / 169-0.5 EMCP162 EMCP221


1, a motherboard, three transposons, test socket is inserted in the yellow pinhole adapter board, corresponding to the test chip. Affordable than a single product
2, imported beryllium copper shrapnel through precision stamping mold, head-shaped imitation probe design, late and hard, thick gold plating process to ensure product stability and durability
3, supports hot plug and power alone switch that supports connection via USB interface or by the board for the discharge should be connected PIN test
4, the use of floating plate structure, precise positioning, pick and place convenient IC, higher productivity
5, the test plate welding adapter plate, test seat without welding, pinhole adapter board can be inserted in the


1, Model: EMMC153 / 169 Test Block
      Pitch (mm): 0.5
      Under Contacts: 30
      Chip size: 12 * 16 12 * 18 * 14 * 18 11.5*13

2, type: EMCP162 test seat
      Pitch (mm): 0.5
      Under Contacts: 23
      Chip size: 12 * 16 12 * 18 * 14 * 18 11.5*13

3, Model: EMCP221 test seat
     Pitch (mm): 0.5
     Under Contacts: 38
     Chip size: 11.5 * 13

Or you want to order other single size limiter, please open below links and add it to the cart.

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3) Single size limiter of  12x18                
4) Single size limiter of  14x18

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