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Vagcom latest v17.1 VCDS hex usb cable install Guidelines


Vagcom latest v17.1 VCDS hex usb cable install Guidelines

Vagcom crack cable from is work much stable than other version. And latest v17.1 vcds vag diagnostic cable work till 2017 year models. Here julie will guide you how to install vcds 17.1 step by step.

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Install vcds crack vagcom cable Tips:


1. Never install software other than what is on the USB or try to update it, never from Ross Tech website.

2. If you have any previous VCDS software on your laptop, delete the driver first and then the VCDS program with REVO uninstaller (free from internet search).

Here julie will guide you install vcds cable crack 17.1 step by step. INSTALL GUIDE: if your anti-virus blocks the install it is okay to allow it.

1.Instert CD supplied into your laptop ( Do not insert cable).

2.Copy all the contents of the CD on your laptop somewhere.

3.Turn off antivirus for install, if needed – allow an exception for VCDS in firewall when it is installed.

4.Turn off internet on install and while using the software.

5.Run the VCDS 16.8.4 installer and let it install. Do not allow it to install in program files, choose your root hub (usually C: Drive) and select new folder. Name it Ross-Tech.

6.Now plug in your cable.

7.You may get a box that says windows has found hardware….Click ‘NO NOT THIS TIME’ then click install software automatically. (You should get a bubble in your taskbar saying Ross tech USB installed. If not follow step 7b.
7b. Go to device manager > locate the VCDS cable > right click and choose ‘update driver’. Then browse my computer for driver software > ‘let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer’ > browse and locate the Rosstech > VCDS folder in your C: Drive. (if it still isn’t found contact me).

8.Connect the interface to your car and computer, make sure the OBD clicks over the connector in your vehicle.

9.Turn on the ignition switch to ON, no need to start the engine.

10.Right click over the VCDS icon > properties > run in administrator mode. Sometimes it may be necessary to select ‘run in compatibility in Windows 8.

11.Once opened, go to OPTIONS then user interface tab. (if it says interface not found try a different USB port or restart PC).

12.In the drop down menu, choose DO NOT CHECK UPDATES.

13.Now you need to test cable so click the other tab.

14.Click TEST you should get a message PORT OK! INTERFACE FOUND!

15.If it works, well done. If it fails and says ‘INTERFACE NOT FOUND’, contact me.

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