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eMMC eMCP IC test socket eMMC/eMCP IC Test Solution


eMMC eMCP IC test socket eMMC/eMCP IC Test Solution

eMMC eMCP test socket usb, SD card Nand Flash Test Solution, FBGA169 / FBGA153 IC Burn-in / Function Test Socket, 11*10, 11.5*13, 12*16, 12*18, 14*18mm eMMC / eMCP IC test socket optional for your choice.  

eMMC169 eMMC153 Test Socket Adapter to USB Interface output

With USB interface

eMMC169 eMMC153 Test Socket
eMMC169 eMMC153 Test Socket Adapter BGA169 BGA153 OPPEN top

with SD interface  

eMMC169 eMMC153 Test Socket
*Supporting hot plug, can be directly connected to computer with SD card
*Realization of Reading,Accessing and Writing for Nand Flash
*Floating plate structure, Accurate position of testing pad & ball
*Pogo Pin from Japan assuring long usage span
*Insulating engineering materials imported from German
*Compatible with:Samsung, Hynix, Sandisk, Toshiba, Intel etc
*Compatible version:≤eMMC5.0
*Adjustable pressure, can be compatible with IC thickness range 0.8-1.5mm
*Compatible Model: FBGA169, FBGA153, IC size: 11*10, 11.5*13, 12*16, 12*18, 14*18
*High quality, long usage life with stable performance; *Easy maintenance and low replacing failure probes cost
Pitch e(mm)    Pin Cout    Package Size(mm)    Part Number    Picture
0.5    153/169    11.5*13    eMMC 153 / eMMC 169    
0.5    162/186    12*12    eMCP 162 / eMMC 186    
0.5    153/169    11.5*13    eMMC 153/ eMMC 169    
0.5    162/186    11.5*13    eMCP 162 / eMMC 186    
0.5    30    11.5*13    eMMC 153/ eMMC 169    
0.5    30    12*16    eMCP 162/ eMMC186    
0.5    30    11.5*13    eMMC153/169    
0.5    35    11.5*13    eMCP162/186    
0.5    30    11.5*13    eMMC153/169    
0.5    35    14*18    eMCP162/186    
0.5    30    12*18    eMCP162/186

FAQS of BMW EWS AK90 PLUS key programmer 3.19 AK90+ key pro


FAQS of BMW EWS AK90 PLUS key programmer 3.19 AK90+ key pro

AK90+ BMW KEY-PROG was hot selling by market for many years. AK90 Plus for all bmw ews increased by 1995-2009 in all BMW EWS read the key information functions; improved some of the EWS to read and write speed.


AK90 Plus key pro is safe and effective to match the best tool for BMW! here will share you some questions before you decide to buy this powerful ak90 plus bmw ews key programmer.


AK90 plus Key Programmer AK90+ key Programmer V3.19 for BMW EWS



Q: I bought AK90+ for my BMW Z3, there is a OD28J MCU, can I do OD28J MCU directly as OD46J?
A: NO, please do not do it or it make EWS ECU broken.

Q: Can it copy and programe keys?
A: NO, AK90 cannot copy keys, but it can do BMW EWS keys program.

Q: My vehicle is BMW E38 from year 1998, can you offer key programmer which can rewrite EWS data and code the new auto chips keys?
A: You can use AK90+ which is best for BMW EWS keys.

Q: How AK90+ do keys?
A: 1. BMW EWS system should read our immo data Make keys via immo data.

Q: My BMW E39 from 1998 year spare key is stolen, can I make a new key and change the old key chip?
A: You can try AK90+.

Q: I hope I can also make BMW EWS till year 2006, I have the original DIS GT1 diagnostic tool, but it cannot rewrite EWS data clearly.
A: For BMW EWS keys, you can buy AK90+.

Q: Do you have AK90+ user manual?
A: No, there is no user manual.

Q: Does it need any Security key when I use AK90+?
A: After you open the software, the software will automatically detect AK90, on the detect operation, it will displays that it is reading security key, just a tip.

Q: The following is the software interface of AK90, what are the name, company and serail of AK90?
A: You can enter anything you want.

Q: What kind of vehicles keys can AK90 do? Similar with AK500+?
A: AK90 is for BMW EWS keys, AK500+ is for Benz Keys.

Q: What kind of BMW keys can AK90 do? All of BMW vehilcles keys?
A: It is for BMW EWS. For BMW, we have AK90 and AK300, CKM200, digimaster3.

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