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Which benz diagnostic tool to choose? Star c3 or sd connect mux


Which benz diagnostic tool to choose? Star c3 or sd connect mux C4?

As we all know, both MB star c3 and sd connect mux C4 work for mercedes benz car truck diagnose. If i wanna to test more jobs for benz truck, which one is better? What is the difference of them for different aspect.

MB Star C4 Wifi Sd Connect Mux C4 for Benz car truck 12v/24v Full Chip PCB C4

sd connect mux

Difference between Star c3 and SD Connect MUX C4?

1) For mercedes Benz, C3 and C4 also can do work, while C4 work with all the benz and more than C3, but C3 can do benz truck very well.

2) SD connect C4 is much stronger in anti-interrupting ability, when C4 tests cars, it’s hard to influence by the environmenr outside, such as magnetic field´╝înoise.

3) Benz compact 4 is much smaller and lighter in the appearance than C3.

4) The biggest difference, i think, is connection wiring mode, C3 need 232 port, but C4 can be used with network port, even wireless.

5) Also, the price C3 and C4 is very different, now C3 is the half price fo C4.

SD connect is a Mercedes wireless multiplexer´╝îconnected by wireless to computer, really a good staff.

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