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Hyundai KIA diagnostic tool: V19 GDS VCI with Tigger Module

by OBD2cartool.com

Hyundai KIA diagnostic tool: V19 GDS VCI with Tigger Module

GDS VCI for Hyundai and KIA is global diagnostic scan tool which supports diagnostics, analysis and reprogramming capabilities for all Hyundai and KIA cars. Currently gds vci diagnosis tool latest version v19 is released can support car models from 1996 to 2017. Here obd2cartool.com will share you some customer reviewers of Hyundai KIA GDS VCI diagnostic tool.

V19 GDS VCI diagnostic tool for kia hyundai Wireless GDS VCI

gds vci

Customer reviewers 1:

GDS VCI for Hyundai and KIA is easy to use, just install the software on computer, than connect the GDS VCI to car via obd2 and plug it in computer, and then you can scan the car.

Customer reviewers 2:

I just wanted to share my latest experience with obd2cartool.com Hyundai KIA GDS software version V15. Software must be run on windows XP professional. Cables are very good. Communication with the vehicle´s ECUs is good. So far I tested HYUNDAI USA versions and it works fine.

Customer reviewers 3:

Today I tried Hyundai KIA GDS VCI to work a Hyundai accent 2012, 1.6 Engine. This car was not a USA version it was a Latin America version assembled in Korea for export. I input the model and year manually, then I choose and accent RB 2012 USA model. It worked perfectly on all ECUs.

Customer reviewers 4:

Yesterday I repaired a 13 Hyundai Elantra 1.6 with 30,000 km on it. The car was equipped with VVTY engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission. According to the car owner, the car had an accident lately, and its idling speed got unstable after a repair. I applied obd2cartool.com GDS VCI Diagnostic Tool to the engine control module and got two error codes successfully: U1112 and P0335.

Customer reviewers 5:

KIA uses a software package called GDS VCI which is very pricey. I have found this tuning/diagnostic software that is supposedly able to adjust module settings and allow me to change the rear EPB pads/rotors.

Customer reviewers 6:

OBD2cartool.com GDS VCI allows the technician to gather information about the problems that occurs with the car, e.g. it provides the most comprehensive system for the solutions related to the fault codes established with the vehicle.

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