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How do you know about SKP1000 tablet key programmer


How do you know about SKP1000 tablet key programmer

SKP1000 tablet key programmer is new released by Lonsdor Tech who manufacturer K518 and CI600 Plus. New SKP1000 key programmer no need tokens and no need register and active any more. Here will share you more questions and answers to know more about skp1000 super auto key programmer.

SKP1000 Tablet Key Programmer Original Lonsdor SKP-1000 repleace SuperOBD SKp900

skp1000 key programmer

SKP1000 Auto Key Programmer FAQ:

Q: Is your SKP1000 original or clone tool?
A: SKP1000 tablet key programmer is developed by Lonsdor Tech who manufacturer K518 and CI600 Plus. We are the authorized agent and re-brand the English version to SKP1000.

Q: How to register SKP1000 key programmer?
A: SKP1000 does not need registration.

Q: How to activate SKP1000 key programmer?
A: SKP1000 does not require activation. Device is ready to use.

Q: Is it upgradeable?
A: Yes. both software and firmware can be updated. (search update manual on other posts)

Q: Where can i update the skp1000 software?
A: Update on official website:

Q: How about the update cost, 1 year free?
A:  Free update online for life time.

Q: What are the function of these 2 adapters in the package?

skp1000 eeprom sd card

A: The green one on the top is the EEPROM adapter used to connect with chip. The other one is the SD card reader.

Q: Do you have full car list of SKP1000 programmer?
A: Sorry, we do not have skp 1000 full list currently.  But you can send car model and year to have our or Lonsdor technician to check if is can be done.

Q: Which machine does newest usa cars?  CK-200 or SKP1000?
A: Helloļ¼Œbest item to choose is from SKP1000 key programmer.

Q:Hi, can this be used with a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan ?
A: Yes, It supports 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan.

Q:Will this programmer the SKP 1000 do newer Ford’s 2013 and you were like Ford focus Ford escape with the 80 bit programming
A: Yes, SKP1000 can support newer fords 2013 focus, fusion fords with 80 bit keys.

Q: Will SKP1000 key programmer from correct odometer for Toyota or Nissan?
A: Sorry, SKP1000 wil not do Toyota odometer correction. It will do parts of Nissan mileage correction via OBD. SKP-1000 also performs other special functions, i.e Reset ECU/Immo, EPB, oil/service reset etc

Q: Does SKP1000 key programmer support VAG 4th & 5th immo key programming?
A: Yes, confirmed.

Q: Will SKP1000 read pin code for 2003 dodge caravan from North America?
A: Sorry, it is not able to read pin code for this model.

Q: Will SKP-1000 program key for 2012 Land Cruiser ?
A: Yes. It will.

Q: Can skp1000 do newer fords 2013 focus and 2013-2016 fusion?
A: Yes. It will do.


Q: Will SKP1000 read Fiat 500 pin code?
A: SKP1000 will read pin code for following Fiat models, Viaggio, Palio,Bravo,Siena and Pyron. Fiat 500 in not included.

skp1000 fiat pin code

Q: Will SKP-1000 key programmer do Toyota Corolla 2014 H chip all keys lost?
A: Sorry it will not do this model lost all key.


Q: Can SKP1000 read PSA Peugeot /Citroen BSI pin code?
A: Yes. It will. SKP100 will read PSA pin code from BSI. Check out the function under Special Function menu.

skp1000 psa pin code

Q: For ignition key , SKP1000 maybe easier to clone?
A:  Chinese version does transponder key chip clone menu, the English version is unavailable (under development).

Q: Does SKP1000 support Ford F150 2015 year key programming?
A: SKP1000 is able to program older F150 keys, but not 2015 year.

Q: Can SKP1000 program Toyota landruiser 200 series 2015  when all keys have lost?
A: Sorry, can not do this model all keys lost.


Q: Will SKP1000 change BMW 2010 Series 1,3, x1,x3,x5,x6 and Mercedes 2010 up odometer correction?
A: Mercedes brand does not listed on SKP1000 odometer correction menu. BMW does, but covers some CAS models only. Please send detail model and year to confirm if it will do.

Q: Does SKP1000 come with smart key emulator like K518?
A: Sorry, SKP1000 does not come with smart key emulator.

Truck Diagnostic Kit: John Deere Service Advisor EDL V2 Electron


Truck Diagnostic Kit: John Deere Service Advisor EDL V2 Electronic Data Link

John Deere Service Electronic Data Link (EDL) is the dealer diagnostic PC-to-vehicle interface compatible with Service ADVISOR software. With Service ADVISOR you can view service manuals, use DTAC (Technical Assistance Center) data, make diagnostics, readings, tests and calibrations, re-program controllers.

John Deere Service Advisor EDL V2 Electronic Data Link Truck Diagnostic Kit

john deere service advisor

John Deere Service Advisor Languages: English

John Deere Truck Scanner Model list:

4.0 Software supports vehicles to 2013; ( Free)
4.1 Software supports vehicles to 2014-2015; (160USD- additional cost )
4.2 Software supports vehicles to 2016; ( 250USD-additional cost )

John Deere 4WD Loader
John Deere Backhoe
John Deere Bundler
John Deere Compactor
John Deere Crawler
John Deere Delimber
John Deere Excavator
John Deere Feller Buncher
John Deere Felling Head
John Deere Forklift
John Deere Forwarder
John Deere Harvester
John Deere Harvester Heads
John Deere Landscape Loader
John Deere Log Loader
John Deere Logger
John Deere Mate. Hand Cut. and Shredders
John Deere Motor Grader
John Deere OEM Engines
John Deere Scraper
John Deere Skid Steer
John Deere Skidder
John Deere Slasher
John Deere Tractor
John Deere Tractors
John Deere Tree Harvester
John Deere Truck
John Deere Utility Vehicles
John Deere Winch
John Deere Worksite Pro Attachment


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