Power Electric Multi-function Auto Circuit Tester

Power Electric Multi-function Auto Circuit Tester
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Power Electric Multi-function Auto Circuit Tester

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Power Electric Multi-function Auto Circuit Tester Multimeter Lamp Car Repair Automotive Electrical Multimeter 0V-380V ( Screen)

Multi-function Auto Circuit Tester(battery not included)
With the increasing technical updates, the unceasing development of auto industry and the continuous renewal of auto parts and electronic components,
auto circuits gradually increase, but the detection tools of maintenance telephone are very few. Jiaxun automobile circuit tester excludes difficulties and anxieties for vast auto repair factories, 4S shops and auto headquarters.

1. It can accurately detect various line faults under the situation of no damage to rubber cover.
2. It sets multimeter & test lamp gear which has the functions that the top-level multimeter fails to do. It specially detects the wires with bad contact and aging wires.
3. It can detect each fault in the place where the space is narrow and light is weak.

* The product is the only four-in-one product with the functions of multimeter, test lamp, lighting lamp and probe.
* All functions of digital multimeter are intelligent. Backlight is closed automatically after the backlight of 30s. All ranges are intelligent, and the instrument shuts off automatically after the stop of use for 20min.
* It is convenient to use, efficient to detect, easy to operate and has reliable performance.

Voltage measurement:
1. Connect the alligator clip of black test pen to the ground, turn the knob switch to the voltage measurement gear, use the feeler to hook the detected rubber cover wire,
press down trigger, and head the probe against the front detected rubber cover wire. In case of any power in wire,
LCD will naturally display accurate voltage in wire. (0V-6V DC voltage can be measured).
2. Press function switch key (SELECT), LCD will display alternating current symbol (AC) to measure 0V-380V AC voltage.

Installation and operation:
For the decorations of auto electric appliances, many control wires or signal wires must be searched. If you use general tools (multimeter or test lamp),
rubber cover must be damaged for searching, which is inconvenient and easy to hurt hands. You can accurately detect the control or signal wires that
you need under the situation of no damage to rubber cover, as long as you hook the detected wire with this tool and press down trigger, which is convenient and efficient.

Technical Features:
At present, there are two modes for the detection of automobile circuit: one is to detect automobile circuit with conventional multimeter.
Under the situation of automobile circuit with bad contact or aging wires, the test results are normal but fail to describe accurate and actual faults.
It has great limitation during actual use. The other is to detect automobile circuit with test lamp, the traditional tool fails to measure line voltage,
because its operation time is long, it is not easy to operate in too narrow place, moreover, the probe easily pricks hands, and it is very inconvenient to operate in winter or at night.
The tester with good rubber cover can accurately detect the fault location of automobile circuit. The set multi-functional gears can be used for the detection of multiple faults.
Furthermore, you can operate it at your will in dark and narrow place. Without other lighting facilities, it is safe, convenient and efficient to use.
It is applicable to each maintenance environment. Therefore, it is a good assistant of automobile decorations and circuit repairing

Packaging contents:
1 x Automobile circuit detector tester ( red colour )
1 x test pencils  (not include battery )

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