Xilinx Platform Cable USB ALTERA USB Blaster

Xilinx Platform Cable USB ALTERA USB Blaster
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Xilinx Platform Cable USB ALTERA USB Blaster

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Xilinx Platform Cable USB Programmer FPGA JTAG, Xilinx Platform USB download Cable with ALTERA USB Blaster 2 in 1,CY7C68013A+XC2C256 programme.

Xilinx Platform Cable USB ALTERA USB Blaster 2 in 1

ALTERA XILINX kandy downloader
1, is fully compatible with USB BLASTER and XILINX PLATFORM does not require any additional drivers.Connected to the USB port will be identified as the downloader and automatically loads the official drivers.
2, XILINX part of MCU and CPLD firmware can upgrade under official tools, to keep the latest version of the software.
 3, is divided into two kinds of ALTERA and XILINX two modes, the mode switch, toggle switch, switch after don't need the new pull plug USB cable can achieve USB device enumeration automatically and driver automatically load automatically.
4, ALTERA mode is fully compatible with the official USB_BLASTER NIOS debug out WORNING worked, JTAG, AS, PS and so on the many kinds of mode totally normal work, common data without the AS mode data validation error (timing design reach the designated position, meet the JTAG signal) the establishment of the time, there is no WARNING NIOS debugging are fully support the version of the original query (because the instructions).
 5, the target board and the power of the simulator are relatively independent and adaptive target board power supply, and has a unique protection schemes, maximum protection target board and CPLD device inside the simulation.

Q: the driver is how to install, with an installation CD?

A:In two modes, install each situation is the same as the official, requires no additional driver.Therefore do not need special installation CD.

Q: and official USB BLASTER and XILINX PLATFORM CABLE, what is the difference.

 A: from the perspective of software: no difference, functions are all compatible.

ALTERA is fully compatible with the USB BLASTER REV C support JTAG AS PS model, support SINGALTAPII, debugging NIOS without WARNING.
XILINX, fully compatible with XLINX PLATFORM CABLE USB DLC9G, fully support IMPACT environmental firmware to refresh and upgrade automatically. The actual tested ISE9.1 I, IS10.1 ISE11.1 ISE12.3 ISE 12.4.

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