(USED) EasyPro 90B BIOS and Eprom programmer 6000+ EEPROM

(USED) EasyPro 90B BIOS and Eprom programmer 6000+ EEPROM
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(USED) EasyPro 90B BIOS and Eprom programmer 6000+ EEPROM

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EasyPro 90B is the very intelligent universal programmer, and EasyPro 90B has the widest support to PC's BIOS, EasyPRO 90B also is a powerful and high-speed CPU EasyPRO series programmers.

EasyPro 90B BIOS and Eprom programmer 6000+ EEPROM

EasyPRO 90B has the advantage on its high integration and low power consumption in EasyPRO series programmers, and it's has the widest support to PC's BIOS. EasyPRO 90B integrates the USB interface, a powerful and high-speed CPU , programmable power supply and frequency divider etc.,, EasyPRO90B features modular pin drivers to provide excellent programming capabilities at high speed, high reliability and high expansion flexibility. And it's a pocket universal programmer for its small size


NOTE:  This one already end of life, this link EasyPRO 90B programmer is used one, if  you want original and new version, please not order it!!


USB Interface
Free Life-time Software Updates
Powerful Multiprogramming
Ideal for Programming&Testing Needs


By external power supply
AC input voltage: 220V 50Hz
DC output voltage: 20V 500mA

Dimensions: 120mmx82mmx27 mm (LxWxH)
Mass: 0.18kg


Diagnostics: RAM, ROM, CPU, pin drivers, power supply, communications, cable, calibration verification timing.

PC System

Requirements: Microsoft Windows xp 7

PIN Drivers:

Quantity: 40-pins popular
VCC Range: 1.8~10V
Icc Range: 0~800mA continuously programmable
VPP Range: 2.8~18V
Clocks: continuously variable 4M~48M
Protection: overcurrent shutdown, power failure shutdown
Independence: pin drivers and waveform generators are fully independent and concurrent


Algorithms : uses manufacturer approved algorithms
File Type: It can handle file in binary/machine code , Intel Hex, Techtronics, Signetics, Motorola, ASCII,MS-DOS fn. COM & EXE , DRAFT etc.
Device Supported: including, but not limited to low voltage, PROM, EPROM, EEPROM, Flash EEPROM, Microcontrollers, GAL. SRAM, TTL/CMOS device test.
S/W update: virtually supports you, and free lifetime software updates are available!

Package list:

1 * EasyPro 90B universal programmer (used one, it is stop to produce!!)
1 * USB cable
1 * EasyPro software CD (for Windows98/2000/me/xp/Win 7(32 bit)) 

EasyPro 90B software download link:

Support ic device list of easypro 90b programmer:

user manual of EasyPro 90B Universal Programmer:

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