Kess V2 Master China Kess v2 ecu programmer OBD2 ChipTuning kess v2 K-suite unlimited tokens

Kess V2 Master China Kess v2 ecu programmer OBD2 ChipTuning kess v2 K-suite unlimited tokens
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Kess V2 Master China Kess v2 ecu programmer OBD2 ChipTuning kess v2 K-suite unlimited tokens

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Kess V2 Master is a successful obd2 manager ecu programmer for chiptuning. China Kess v2 ecu programmer work without token limited. kess v2 K-suite supports all major brands and protocols including Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850.

KESS V2 OBD2 Manager chiptuning tool kess v2 master k-suite 4.036

Attention: kess v2 k-suite software can be used on most XP and win7 system. But if your laptop has other OBD software which is not compatible with this software, please change the laptop or system to install. We recommend customers to use our Win XP operating system.

Optional 1: Kess V2 K-suite software - 2.21,  Firmware: V3.099 --No Token Limitation,  remove the jlink
Optional 2: Kess V2 K-suite software - 2.32,  Firmware: V4.036 --No Token Limitation,  remove the jlink, World-wide famous brand cars, trucks, traktors, boat and bikes

Kess v2 support car list:

Kess v2 main feature:

1. Support Languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French
2. no tokens limitation, and remove tokens chip. Just use it all the time. User friendly.
3. kess v2 is obd2 car tool centre a successful tuner and its price is very affordable. Choose Kess V2, everything of your work will become easy.
4. Add more latest protocols and ECUs, more detailed cable connection instruction.

If you old need repair IC Chip ,you can choose Model: IC100

Update V4.036 Kess v2 to Newer version Kess v2 V5.017 please contact with us!
Kess V2 CPU Repair Chip NXP LPC2478FBD208 with 60 Tokens

Kess v2 k-suite Features:

Check of the battery voltage in real-time
Full Recovery function in case of problems
Automatic correction of the Checksum, (where available)
Boot-Loader mode supported
Management of the programming counters
ScanTool function to remove DTC
Several options of reading/writing speed
Option to write full file/section of the map
Full integration with ECM Titanium

KESS V2 tuning tool feature:

Multi-Language: English, Intalian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish.
With anti-tone module, work part encrypted ECUs and more new ECUs.
With coverage of all major brands and protocols including Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850. World-wide famous brand cars, trucks, traktors and bikes
Updatable software. Software is updated via email.

The advantages of Kess v2:

China KESS V2 new adds simulator in the package. Updated version, same price as usual. With this simulator, now no need to change the NXP chip when tokens run out. After the tokens run out, just follow our user instruction or the video on our website to program the token program of kess v2 chip, then you can use it all the time.

Tips for Our KESS V2:

Pleas do not update this tool online. When you install the software or use this product, please do not connect the internet. This one is better be used on car and motocycles. If you use it to work on truck or the voltage that is higher than 12V, then it will be burned.




The tokens limitation about Some China Kess v2:
When the tokens run out? how to fix?

Old KESS V2 is the Tokens Recycling version, just follow our user instruction and you can use it all the time
Change the NXP chip. Tokens are instroed on this chip.
Using LINK J-LINKV8 rewrite the NXP process.

Q: When i install the software, do i need to connect the internet?
A: Please DO NOT connect the internet when you install the software or use this device. Otherwise it will prompt you to update the software when you open the software. This software cannot be updated for now. If you click the update button to update the software, then it will has problem. If you do not connect the itnernet when you install the software or use this device, then it will not has this prompt.
So please do not connect the internet when you use it.


Q: Can i use KESS V2 to program the ECU for motorcycle or not?
A: There is such an option on kess v2 software, but we do not test it.


Q: kess v2 brings cartografias modified power increase?.
A:  Our kess v2 only have read and write function, does not have other special function. It cannot increase the power. if you want to do special function such as change the data, promote the motivation, you need to buy this software from other place. or send it to professional engineer to modify.


Q: This kess v2 is master or slave?
A: Our kess v2 is master version.

Q: Fgtech galletto V54 and kess v2, which one is better?
A: Both of them can work on a lot of ECU type. The way they work on the car are different. Fgtech v54 can work on trucks, while kess v2 can not work on truck. FGtech v54 has BDM function, kess v2 does not. Kess v2 has mediation module, and is better to work on new encryption car.


Q: If i update the kess v2, what will happen?
A: Do not update it when you use. If you update it, then the main unit will be broken. You need to change the new chip. 18 USD/SET, not including the shipping cost. If you can change it by yourself, we will send the new chip to you, if you do not know how to change it by yourself, please send the main unit back to us, we will change it for you and send it back to you.

Q: I use kess to read the car, but it gives me  " wake up error " prompt. How to do now?
A: Do not use anti-virus software. You can use the two way to solve:

1)There is the TF card for kess v2, copy the software for TF card to other place, then format the TF card. Then recopy the software to your TF card. Then you can use kess v2 normally. Where to find the TF card? See the main board, the side with the biggest chip. The biggest chip is the token chip. You will find the TF card at the left bottom of the board.

2)Use the fix tool to fix it first. They way same as the tokens programming.
The detailed steps is included in CD,

Q: What is the difference for supported working mode for KESS V2, K-TAG and FGTECH V54?
A: Fgtech v54 support OBD, BDM and BOOT. K-tag support BDM and BOOT. KESS V2 support OBD and BOOT.

Q: Can i use KESS V2 on laptop with WIN7 System? What about XP?
A: This software can be used on many win7 system, but not all, some laptop install other software that is not compatible with this software, will cannot run successfully. For XP, it can run on most XP.

Q: Where to find the user manual for KESS V2 V2.06? I need to know how to connect the cable with ECU.
A: When you open the software, you will find the help folder. Open this folder, you will see the user manual

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