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Some error solution for China Kess V2 K-suite


Some error solution for China Kess V2 K-suite

2017 latest Kess K-suite 2.47 is released, when you bought china Kess V2 Green PCB or RED EU Murata filter interface, perhaps, you will encounter some error from Kess K-suite software.
 For example: "Connectiong not established", Getting "checksum error" when test the kess v2, After open "KSuite.exe", the all button is gray, can't do any thing, how to fix these China Kess V2 software error, Here, collect some solution for these error about kess v2 Ksuite.

ESS V2 V5.017 EU Red PCB Unlimited Online kess  ECM Titanium

error 1: When get "checksum error" druing read ECU with KESS V2, how to fix it, Please download avisual C++ 2005 library, install it, it will be ok.

error 2: When the kess v2 program appear "Attention: unrecoverable error- program must be restarted", how to fix it, Please download avisual C++ 2005 library, install it, it will be ok.

error 3:  If KESS V2 software has error "Connections not established", it is the problem of kess v2 installation, you need re-install the program or USB drive

If still not work, reinstall K-suite 2.47 or install to another PC. these error of kess v2 program is listed, just is the problem that our customer meet with, if you have any problem with kess v2 installation and using, pls contact with us.

When you writing checksum corected file kess sometime fail checksum and car not start...
kess v2 5.017 K-suite 2.47

Check this link, unzip it and put in Ksuite folder!nQoSja6Q!tpog6xyGpiPyEL50PoFGciGyrqp9TVfOvoCQdNlvkDg

Ksuite 2.47 Kess V2 5.017!Rp8nWABb!Q41uKz0v5_nKfSefWpLCcjZGWQQA55ogpdiQAYjV-a8

Ksuite 2.23 KTAG 7.020!dklg1Q7Z!qiedd3_RzmmXnbQo_NG5vk71CD7JtHLd1XNlN0uygNI

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