Programmer Socket Adapter

Old UP-818 and UP-828 Ultra programmer have be updated to UP-818P and UP-828P Ultra programmer,  New UP-818P / UP-828P programmer need new UP-serial programmer adapter, old UP-818 / UP-828 programmer adapter can't be used on UP-818P and UP-828P Ultra programmer,  When you order UP-serial programmer adapter, Pls tell us what do you need?

Universal UP Ultra Programmer adapter list For UP-818P / UP-828P/ UP-828E / UP-eMMC programmer

For almost MOVINAND/iNAND/EMMC memory chip:

For iPones 4/5/6 Flash memory:  VBGA11P5P  / VBGA134SP / LGA52P Test Socket
For Cool cell / Collpad phone:   VBGA56P / VBGA221P Test Socket
For 8530 Samsung others phones: VBGA153P Test Socket
For Samsung 9100/9300/9500/NO4/mi..: VBGA169P Test Socket
For HTC / Mi / 8721 Phones: VBGA162P Test Socket

For other newer phones, smartphones and tablets,  BlackBerrys: SBGA128P Test Socket, SBGA137NP Test Socket, SBGA152P Test Socket, SBGA188P / SBGA188AP / SBGA188BP Test socket, SBGA199P Test Socket, SBGA202P Test Socket, FBGA167 Test Socket.

For China brand phones or Automotive navigation ic, Auto audio and other smartphones and tablets device: TSOP48P Test Socket, TSOP56P Test Socket, BGA48P Test Socket, BGA63P Test Socket, BGA88P Test Socket, BGA107NP Test Socket, FBGA137P Test Socket, BGA149P Test Socket, EBGA64P Test Socket, SOIC8SP / SOIC8P Test Socket...

New UP-828P / UP-818P adapters is the same price with Old UP-828 / UP-818 adapters, If you need the Adapters for UP-828P / UP-818P programmer,  just leave the message to us when place the order.

QFN28 Programming adapter 5*5 0.5mm QFN28 IC test socket
QFN72 Programming adapter 10*10 0.5mm QFN72 IC test socket
QFN48 Programming adapter 6*6 0.4mm QFN48 IC test socket
QFN44 IC test socket 6*6 0.4mm QFN44 Programming socket adapter
SOP8 rapid clip burn folder demolition IC widebody
SOP16 IC test clip online FLASH BIOS chip burner burner
eMMC/eMCP size limiter for clamshell open top socket
eMMC/eMCP 3in1 test socket eMMC programmer adapter reader BGA169/153/162/186/221
Simple SSOP8 to DIP8 IC test socket adapter TSSOP8 0.65mm
Simple SOP24 to DIP24 IC test socket adapter 1.27mm 300mil
TQFP100 FQFP100 QFP100 programmer adapter 0.5mm IC socket
SOP20 IC test socket 1.27mm SOP20 Programming adapter
TQFP80 FQFP80 QFP80 programmer adapter 0.5mm IC socket
QFN32 programmer adapter 5*5mm 0.5mm QFN32 IC Socket
PQFP32 TQFP32 To DIP32 Socket QFP32 programmer adapter 0.5mm
QFN12 programmer adapter 3*3mm 0.5mm QFN12 IC Socket
Simple SSOP30 to DIP30 Test Socket 0.65mm programmer adapter
iPad NAND Flash Memory for iPad 1 2 3 4 5 6 air air2 iPad pro HDD
mijing iphone repair power line apple dedicated repair power cable
BGA316 test socket SSD Hard disk test fixture with SM2246EN
eMCP221 to 20pin IC test socket phone data recovery test socket
eMMC169 eMMC153 to 20pin test socket phone data recovery socket
eMCP162 eMCP186 to 20pin test socket phone data recovery socket
eMCP529 programmer adapter samsung Note4 font BGA529 test socket
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eMCP162 eMCP186 Test Socket Adapters FBGA162 FBGA186 EMCP Programmer adapter
eMMC186 eMMC162 Test Socket Adapters FBGA186 FBGA162 SD eMMC IC Test Socket
eMMC153 eMMC169 Test Socket Adapters FBGA169 FBGA153 SD eMMC IC Test Socket
QFN48 Programming adapter QFN48 IC test socket 7*7 0.5mm
SOP44 to DIP44 socket PSOP44 44 pin for Programmer Adapter
QFN36 Programming adapters 0.5mm QFN36 Socket

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