STM32 Programming Adapter for STM32L STM32F QFP64 Test Socket

STM32 Programming Adapter for STM32L STM32F QFP64 Test Socket
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STM32 Programming Adapter for STM32L STM32F QFP64 Test Socket

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STM32 LQFP64 QFP64 test socket, is designed for STM32-QFP64 chip testing, programming, STM32 Programming adapter STM32L STM32F QFP64 test socket.

STM32 Programming Adapter Test Socket for STM32L STM32F LQFP64 QFP64 QFP Package 0.5mm

Yamaichi IC Test & Burn-in Socket with a simple board, specifically designed for STM32 microcontroller in QFP64(0.5mm pitch) package


  20-pin JTAG/SWD port and/or 4-pin USART1 interface for programming/testing
  External crystal can be connected via on board socket for system clock
  Onboard 32.768K crystal oscillator
  Two LED indicators for testing, which are connected to the I/O pins via jumpers
  All the MCU pins are accessible on expansion connectors
pin header pitch: 2.54mm(100mil)  

Supported Devices

STM32 microcontroller in QFP64(0.5mm pitch) package with compatible pinouts:

STM32L1xxR series (STM32L151R8, STM32L152RB, etc.)
STM32F0xxR series (STM32F051RC, STM32F051RB, etc.)
STM32F1xxR series (STM32F103RC, STM32F100RB, etc.)
STM32F2xxR series (STM32F207RC, STM32F215RB, etc.)
STM32F3xxR series (STM32F303R8, STM32F373RB, etc.)
STM32F4xxR series (STM32F407RC, STM32F415RB, etc.)

Config the onboard "Device selection jumpers" according to the device to be programmed.

obd2cartool stm32 qfp64


STM32-QFP64 special test stand Profile
1.JTAG/SWD port
 for programming/debugging/testing
 compatible with ST-LINK / J-LINK / ULINK2 / STX-RLINK
2.USART1 port
 supports ISP and/or serial port debugging
3.LED indicators
 for quick testing
4.Pin headers connected to MCU pins
 clearly labeled with onboard marks
 easy for testing and further expansion
5.Boot mode configuration
 configuring the BOOT0 and BOOT1 via jumpers
6. 3.3V onboard regulator
7. 5V power input
 DC jack or 2-pin header
8. External crystal socket
 insert crystal to the holes on two sides, leave alone the middle hole
9. Power indicator
10. Device selection jumpers
 short the upper headers for STM32F1xx / STM32L1xx / STM32F05x / STM32F3xx
 short the lower headers for STM32F2xx / STM32F4xx
11. LED jumpers
 short the jumpers to connect LEDs to MCU I/O pins for testing
 open the jumpers to disconnect
312. 2.768K crystal (on bottom side)
 for internal RTC with calibration


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