CH2015 24 25 93 eeprom spi flash AVR MCU CH-2015 programmer

CH2015 24 25 93 eeprom spi flash AVR MCU CH-2015 programmer
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CH2015 24 25 93 eeprom spi flash AVR MCU CH-2015 programmer

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CH2015 is the USB SPI FLASH High-speed Programmer, support 24 93 25 eeprom / spi flash / AVR MCU / Data Flash, 

CH2015 / CH-2015 programmer device for 24 93 25 eeprom / spi flash / AVR MCU....

One bright spot: the ARM 32-bit kernel, faster and more stable!
Support massive chip: 24 25 93EEPROM, SPI FLASH, AVR MCU chip, DATA FLASH chip! Constantly updated, and strive to be more perfect!
Support SPI FLASH, AVR chips, DATA FLASH chip models automatically recognize!
Support 24,93EEPROM chip offline copy!
Software perfect support XP/ WIN7/WIN8 32-bit and 64-bit /WIN8.1/WIN10 systems!
original and efficient production features! Highest delayed 16 batches rush a good helper!
friendly buffer edit window can also customize the automatic programming process steps!
Support sector programming, greatly enhance the work efficient

CH-2015 programmer support chip list:
ATMEL: ATmega48a ATmega48PA ATmega8 ATmega8515 ATmega8535 ATmega88A ATmega88PA ATmega16 ATmega162 ATmega163 ATmega165 ATmega168a ATmega168PA ATmega169 ATmega169p ATmega32 ATmega325 ATmega3250 ATmega328 ATmega328p ATmega329 ATmega3290 ATmega406 ATmega64 ATmega640 ATmega644 ATmega645 ATmega6450 ATmega649 ATmega6490 ATmega128 ATmega1280 ATmega1281 ATmega2560 ATmega2561
AT45DB011B AT45DB011D AT45DB021B AT45DB021D AT45DB041B AT45DB041D AT45DB081B AT45DB081D AT45DB161D AT45DB321B AT45DB321D AT45DB642B AT45DB642D
ATMEL: AT24C01; AT24C01A; AT24C01B; AT24C02; AT24C02A; AT24C02B; AT24C04; AT24C04A; AT24C04B; AT24C08; AT24C08A; AT24C08B; AT24C16; AT24C16A; AT24C16B; AT24C32; AT24C32A; AT24C32B; AT24C64; AT24C64A; AT24C64B; AT24C128; AT24C128A; AT24C128B; AT24C256; AT24C256A; AT24C256B; AT24C512; AT24C512A; AT24C512B; AT24C1024; AT24C1024A; AT24C1024B; 
CATALYST: CAT24C01; CAT24C02; CAT24C04; CAT24C08; CAT24C16; CAT24C32; CAT24C64; CAT24C128; CAT24C256; CAT24C512; CAT24C1024; 
CORIGHT: 24C01; 24C02; 24C04; 24C08; 24C16; 24C32; 24C64; 24C128; 24C256; 24C512; 24C1024; 
FAIRCHILD: FM24C01; FM24C02; FM24C03; FM24C04; FM24C05; FM24C08; FM24C09; FM24C16; FM24C17; FM24C32; FM24C64; FM24C128; FM24C256; FM24C512; FM24C1024; 
HOLTEK: HT24C01; HT24LC01; HT24C02; HT24LC02; HT24C04; HT24LC04; HT24C08; HT24LC08; HT24C16; HT24LC16; HT24C32; HT24LC32; HT24C64; HT24LC64; HT24C128; HT24LC128; HT24C256; HT24LC256; HT24C512; HT24C1024; 
ISSI: IS24C01; IS24C02; IS24C04; IS24C08; IS24C16; IS24C32; IS24C64; IS24C128; IS24C256; IS24C512; IS24C1024; 
MICROCHIP: 24AA00; 24FC00; 24LC00; 24AA01; 24FC01; 24LC01; 24AA02; 24FC02; 24LC02; 24AA04; 24FC04; 24LC04; 24AA08; 24FC08; 24LC08; 24AA16; 24FC16; 24LC16; 24AA32; 24FC32; 24LC32; 24AA64; 24FC64; 24LC64; 24AA128; 24FC128; 24LC128; 24AA256; 24FC256; 24LC256; 24AA512; 24FC512; 24LC512; 24AA1026; 24FC1026; 24LC1026; 
NSC: 24C02; 24C02L; 24C64; 
NXP: PCA24S08A; 
RAMTRON: FM24C04A; FM24CL04; FM24C16A; FM24CL16; FM24C64; FM24CL64; FM24C256; FM24CL256; FM24C512; 
ROHM: BR24C01; BR24L01; BR24C02; BR24L02; BR24C04; BR24C04; BR24C08; BR24L08; BR24C16; BR24L16; BR24C32; BR24L32; BR24C64; BR24L64; 
ST: ST24C01; ST24C02; ST24C04; ST24C08; ST24C16; ST24C32; ST24C64; 
XICOR: X24C01; X24C02; X24C04; X24C08; X24C16; 
ATMEL: AT25010; AT25020; AT25040; AT25080; AT25160; AT25320; AT25640; AT25128; AT25256; AT25512; 
CATALYST: CAT25C01; CAT25C01P; CAT25C01S; CAT25C01U; CAT25C02P; CAT25C02S; CAT25C02U; CAT25C03P; CAT25C03S; CAT25C03U; CAT25C04P; CAT25C04S; CAT25C04U; CAT25C05P; CAT25C05S; CAT25C05U; CAT25C08P; CAT25C08S; CAT25C08U; CAT25C09P; CAT25C09S; CAT25C09U; CAT25C16P; CAT25C16S; CAT25C16U; CAT25C17P; CAT25C17S; CAT25C17U; CAT25C32P; CAT25C32S; CAT25C33P; CAT25C33S; CAT25C64P; CAT25C64S; CAT25C65P; CAT25C65S; CAT25C128P; CAT25C128S; CAT25C256P; CAT25C256S; 
CORIGHT: 25C01; 25C02; 25C040; 25C080; 25C160; 25C320; 25C640; 25C128; 25C256; 
MICROCHIP: 25AA040; 25AA080; 25AA160; 25AA128; 
MICROCHIP: 25C040; 25LC040; 25C080; 25LC080; 25C160; 25LC160; 25AA320; 25C320; 25LC320; 25AA640; 25C640; 25LC640; 25LC128; 25LC256; 
RAMTRON: FM25L04; FM25C160; FM25L16; FM25640; FM25CL64; FM25L256; 
ST: M95010; ST25C01; ST25W01; M95020; ST25C02; ST25W02; M95040; ST25C04; ST25W04; M95080; ST25C08; ST25W08; M95160; ST25C16; ST25W16; M95320; M95640; M95128; M95256; M95512; 
TI: TI2532; TI2532A; TI2564; 
XICOR: X25010; X25020; X25040; X25080; X25160; X25320; X25640; X25128; X25256; X25512; 
RAMTRON:FM25L04 FM25C160  FM25L16  FM25640 FM25CL64 FM25V01 FM25L256 FM25V02 FM25V05 FM25V10 FM25V20
ACE: ACE93C46-16bit; ACE93C46-8bit; 
ASAHI_KASEI(AKM): AK93C45A; AK93C55A; AK93C65A; AK93C75A; 
ATC: ATC93C46-16bit; ATC93C46-8bit; ATC93C56-16bit; ATC93C56-8bit; ATC93C66-16bit; ATC93C66-8bit; ATC93C86-16bit; ATC93C86-8bit; 
ATMEL: 93C46-16bit; 93C46-8bit; 93C56-16bit; 93C56-8bit; 93C66-16bit; 93C66-8bit; 93C76-16bit; 93C76-8bit; 93C86-16bit; 93C86-8bit; 
CATALYST: CAT93C46-16bit; CAT93C46-8bit; CAT93C56-16bit; CAT93C56-8bit; CAT93C57-16bit; CAT93C57-8bit; CAT93C66-16bit; CAT93C66-8bit; CAT93C86-16bit; CAT93C86-8bit; 
CORIGHT: 93C06; 93C46-16bit; 93C46-8bit; 93C56-16bit; 93C56-8bit; 93C66-16bit; 93C66-8bit; 93C76-16bit; 93C76-8bit; 93C86-16bit; 93C86-8bit; 
EXEL: XL93C06; XL93C46; XL93CS46; XL93LC46; XL93C56; XL93LC56; XL93C66; XL93LC66; 
FAIRCHILD: FM93C06; FM93C46; FM93C46A-16bit; FM93C46A-8bit; FM93C56; FM93C56A-16bit; FM93C56A-8bit; FM93C66; FM93C66A-16bit; FM93C66A-8bit; FM93C86A-16bit; FM93C86A-8bit; 
HOLTEK: HT93LC46-16bit; HT93LC46-8bit; HT93LC56-16bit; HT93LC56-8bit; HT93LC66-16bit; HT93LC66-8bit; 
ISSI: IS93C46; IS93C46A-16bit; IS93C46A-8bit; IS93C56; IS93C56A-16bit; IS93C56A-8bit; IS93C66; IS93C66A-16bit; IS93C66A-8bit; IS93C76A-16bit; IS93C76A-8bit; IS93C86A-8bit; 
MICROCHIP: 93C06; 93AA46-16bit; 93AA46-8bit; 93C46-16bit; 93C46-8bit; 93C46A; 93C46B; 93LC46-16bit; 93LC46-8bit; 93LC46A; 93LC46B; 93AA56-16bit; 93AA56-8bit; 93C56-16bit; 93C56-8bit; 93C56A; 93C56B; 93LC56-16bit; 93LC56-8bit; 93LC56A; 93LC56B; 93AA66-16bit; 93AA66-8bit; 93C66-16bit; 93C66-8bit; 93C66A; 93C66B; 93LC66-16bit; 93LC66-8bit; 93LC66A; 93LC66B; 93AA76-16bit; 93AA76-8bit; 93C76-16bit; 93C76-8bit; 93LC76-16bit; 93LC76-8bit; 93AA86-16bit; 93AA86-8bit; 993C86-16bit; 93LC86-16bit; 93LC86-8bit; 993C86-8bit; 
NSC: 93C06; 93CS06; 93C46; 93CS46; 93C56; 93CS56; 93C66; 93CS66; 93C86; 93CS86; 
ROHM: BR93LC46; BR93LC46RF; BR93LC56; BR93LC56RF; BR93LC66; BR93LC66RF; 
SEIKO: S-93C46A; S-93C56A; S-93C66A; 
ST: ST93C06; M93S46; M93S46R; M93S46W; ST93C46; M93S56; M93S56R; M93S56W; ST93C56; M93S66; M93S66R; M93S66W; ST93C66; 
AMIC: A25L05PT; A25L05PU; A25L512; A25L010; A25L10PT; A25L10PU; A25L020; A25L20PT; A25L20PU; A25L040; A25L40P; A25L080; A25L80P; A25L016; A25L16PT; A25L16PU; A25L032; 
ATMEL: AT25F512; AT25F512A; AT25F512B; AT25F1024; AT25F1024A; AT25FS010; AT25DF021; AT25F2048; AT25FS020; AT25DF041A; AT25F4096; AT25FS040; AT26F004; AT26DF081A; AT25DF161; AT26DF161; AT26DF161A; AT25DF321; AT25DF321A; AT26DF321; AT25DF641; 
CHINGIS: Pm25LD256C; Pm25LD512; Pm25LD512C; Pm25LQ512A; Pm25LD010; Pm25LD010C; Pm25LQ010A; Pm25LD020; Pm25LD020C; Pm25LQ020A; Pm25LD040; Pm25LD040C; Pm25LQ040A; Pm25LQ080; Pm25LQ016; Pm25LQ032C; 
CORIGHT: 25P05; 25P10; 25P20; 25P40; 25P80; 25P16; 25P32; 25P64; 25P128; 
EON: EN25B05; EN25B05T; EN25F05; EN25LF05; EN25P05; EN25B10; EN25B10T; EN25D10; EN25F10; EN25LF10; EN25P10; EN25B20; EN25B20T; EN25D20; EN25F20; EN25LF20; EN25P20; EN25B40; EN25B40T; EN25D40; EN25F40; EN25LF40; EN25P40; EN25B80; EN25B80T; EN25D80; EN25F80; EN25P80; EN25Q80A; EN25T80; EN25B16; EN25B16T; EN25D16; EN25F16; EN25P16; EN25Q16; EN25Q16A; EN25T16; EN25B32; EN25B32T; EN25F32; EN25P32; EN25Q32A; EN25Q32B; EN25B64; EN25B64T; EN25F64; EN25P64; EN25Q64; EN25F128; EN25Q128; 
ESMT: F25L004A; F25L004AT; F25L04UA; F25L008A; F25L008AT; F25L08PA; F25L016A; F25L016AT; F25L16PA; F25L32PA; F25L32QA; 
EXCELSEMI: ES25P10; ES25P20; ES25M40; ES25M40A; ES25P40; ES25M80; ES25M80A; ES25P80; ES25M16; ES25M16A; ES25P16; ES25P32; 
FM: FM25F005; FM25F01; FM25F02; FM25F04; FM25FQ32; 
GIGADEVICE: GD25Q512; GD25Q10; GD25Q20B; GD25Q40B; GD25Q80B; GD25Q16B; GD25Q32B; GD25Q64B; GD25Q128B; GD25Q128C; 
MICRON: M25P05; M25P10; M25P20; M25P40; M25P80; M25P16; M25P32; N25Q032; M25P64; N25Q064; M25P128; N25Q128; N25Q128A; N25Q256A; 
MXIC: MX25L512; MX25V512; MX25L1005; MX25L2005; MX25L4005A; MX25V4005; MX25V4035; MX25L8005; MX25V8005; MX25V8035; MX25L1605D; MX25L1606E; MX25L1633E; MX25L1635D; MX25L3205D; MX25L3206E; MX25L3225D; MX25L3235D; MX25L3237D; MX25L6405D; MX25L6406E; MX25L12805D; MX25L12835E; MX25L12845E; MX25L25635E; MX25L25735E; 
NEXFLASH: NX25P10; NX25P20; NX25P40; NX25P80; NX25P16; NX25P32; 
PMC: PM25LV512; PM25LV010; PM25LV020; PM25LV040; PM25LV080B; PM25LV016B; 
SAIFUN: SA25F005; SA25F010; SA25F020; SA25F040; SA25F080; SA25F160; SA25F320; 
SPANSION: S25FL004A; S25FL008A; S25FL016A; S25FL032A; S25FL064A; S25FL128S; S25FL256S; S25FL512S; 
SST: SST25LF512A; SST25VF512; SST25VF512A; SST25LF010A; SST25VF010; SST25VF010A; SST25LF020A; SST25VF020; SST25VF020A; SST25VF020B; SST25LF040A; SST25VF040; SST25VF040A; SST25VF040B; SST25LF080A; SST25VF080; SST25VF080A; SST25VF080B; SST25VF016B; SST25VF032B; SST25VF064C; 
ST: M25P05; M25P05A; M25P10; M25P10A; M25PE10; M25P20; M25P20A; M25PE20; M25P40; M25P40A; M25PE40; M25P80; M25P80A; M25PE80; M25PX80; M25P16; M25PE16; M25PX16; M25P32; M25PX32; M25P64; M25PX64; M25P128; 
WINBOND: W25P10; W25X10; W25X10A; W25X10AL; W25X10L; W25P20; W25Q20; W25X20; W25X20A; W25X20AL; W25X20L; W25P40; W25Q40; W25X40; W25X40A; W25X40AL; W25X40L; W25P80; W25Q80; W25X80; W25X80A; W25X80AL; W25X80L; W25P16; W25Q16; W25X16; W25P32; W25Q32; W25X32; W25Q64; W25X64; W25Q128; W25Q256; 


CH-2015 programmer Package list: 
CH-2015 Programmer
USB cable
ISP AVR transfer line
DATA FLASH Transfer plate
208mil sop8 socket
150mil sop8 socket.

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