RF-3148 USB Universal programmer RF3148 intelligent Chip Tester

RF-3148 USB Universal programmer RF3148 intelligent Chip Tester
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RF-3148 USB Universal programmer RF3148 intelligent Chip Tester

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Brand new RF-3148 universal programmer is rf series intelligent programmer,and built-in high speed processor, intelligent closed loop, powerful automatic. RF-3148 USB intelligent programmer with 48pin socket, and supports device programming and testing for a variety of device types covering more 6000+ devices.

RF-3148 USB Universal programmer intelligent Chip Tester

RF-3148 usb programmer is full drive intelligent general programmer, it brings together xinrun fly more than ten years experience in design development, periof two years development accomplish. 

elaborate the products with all kinds of device programming needed all drive resource, including 48pin socket, road power supply voltage, burn programmed write voltage controlled programmed / i o signal, revisions, bordels oscillation clock, noise filter, surge strangulating etc, user secondary hardware ( adapter input ) reduses to minimum overhead .

attainment approximation 's burning speed, automatically detect pin access to undesirable, ensure the programming safe and efficient, all power device used low manufacturing, abopt lower power consumption. complete mainframe usb mouth power supply work, circumscribing forsook the / ac dc adapter, making machine weight lighter and more small, easy to carry .

support eeprom: PLD: GAL, ATF, PALCE, PEEL; EPROM: serial port and parallel por EEPROM; FLASHROM, MPU: 51 serial(87C, 97C, W78/77, AT89C/87F/80F, P89C, SST89C, IS89,P87LPC7XX…… ), AT90S,ATTINY, ATMEGA, PIC12/16/17, EM78P, MDT20, Z86E……

Test support: TTL74/54 serial, CMOS40/45 serial, SRAM, 8155, 8255, 8253, 6821, subscriber can test vector table expand test model 

special: encryption can to at89 series mcu, carry on otp recoverability don't encryption, the use of safe and reliable two step encryption way, encryption after not affect the bus function 

direct reading: decryption can to GAL16V8/A/B、20V8/A/B、22V10/B、PALCE16V8H/20V8H direct reading of declassified, and have "door touchdowns fuse-element map " to " logic expression " automatic conversion function.

1.what is intelligent programmer? intelligent programmer and general programmer?

mcu with widespread use, new generation programmer all adopt built-in single chip intelligent control mode, eye non intelligent programmer by computer direct control model. by built-in single chip control intelligent programmer is intelligent programmer. non smart general programmer by using computer host direct control programmer hardware open ring. this work model reprogrammed srt own no correcting ability, only hearkened to host quirk, once because the host software virus blunders, aggrieve appear on-line cable contact malnourished, external electromagnetic interference caused by the control error, directly caused reprogrammed hardware misoperation, and a pyramiding, serious can cause be programmed device and programmer sparkwear. intelligent programmer with the pattern of work. closed loop computer host don't reprogrammed direct control of hardware circuit, but by the to built-in single chip send orders indirectly control programmer work. mcu for each charted have received accessdecision manager command calibration if you find bad command immediately to host feedback host information requirements retransmission. if retransmission continuous still of the incorrect, deemed host permanent fallacies, mcu automatic protection program, to ensure system.

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