SuperOBD SKP900 Auto Key Programmer SKP-900 Hand-Held key Copier DHL free

SuperOBD SKP900 Auto Key Programmer SKP-900 Hand-Held key Copier DHL free
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SuperOBD SKP900 Auto Key Programmer SKP-900 Hand-Held key Copier DHL free

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SuperOBD SKP900 is professional hand-held OBD2 AUTO Key Programmer. V5.0 SKP-900 key programmer support most car brands no tokens needed. SKP-900 Car Key Programmer hardware and software can be updated by internet, more new car models will added in future.

SuperOBD SKP900 Auto Key Programmer V5.0 SKP-900 Hand-Held key Copier DHL free


Why Choose China Brand SKP-900 V5.0 Code Readers & Scan Tools:

1) 100% original programmers. Made by china company. Dealer code: 1001
2) Software is updated online for lifelong. New software will release on every month.
3) Universal programmer. Able to programmer keys for most brand cars in the market.

SuperOBD SKP-900 Feature:

1. skp900 Latest Version: V5.0
2. Support almost all vehicles in the world
3. Don't need pincode when programming keys for many vehicles
4. Can read pin code for many vehicles, only a few vehicles need to get pincode from other place.
5. No tokens needed. You can program as many cars as you can.
6. Supports all key lost
7. Supports TOYOTA G Chip and H Chip
8. Language: English, or Portuguese Version(optional)

Hand-held SuperOBD SKP-900 Auto Key Programmer made in china, via OBD-II connector.


Last version:


SKP900 5.0 Update Plan:
1. Ford raptor F-150 Key Program and PCM-PATS Synchronization
2. Mitsubishi Smart Key Program -2013
3. BAIC MOTOR BJ80 Smart Key Program
4. BAIC MOTOR D60 Smart Key Program
5. BAIC MOTOR D61 Smart Key Program
6. BAIC MOTOR X55 Smart Key Program
7. BAIC MOTOR X65 Smart Key Program
8. Hyundai Verna Key Program 2014-
9. BYD Tang Smart Key Program
10. ZOTYE LangLang Smart Key Program
11. TOYOTA Scion XB Remote Program 2007-2010
12. TOYOTA Scion FRS Key Program 2013-2015
13. TOYOTA Aygo Key Program (Africa)
14. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2007-2009(Africa)
15. TOYOTA Fortuner Key Program 2009(Africa)
16. TOYOTA Hilux Key Program 2008-2011(Africa)
17. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Smart Key Program 2007-2013(Africa)
18. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2002-2009(Africa)
19. TOYOTA Mark x Smart Key Program 2006(Africa)
20. TOYOTA Premio Smart Key Program 2006(Africa)
21. TOYOTA Premio Key Program 2006(Africa)
22. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2008-2013(Africa)
23. TOYOTA Vigo Key Program 2005-2008(Africa)
24. TOYOTA Aurion Key Program 2006-2008(Australia)
25. TOYOTA Aurion Key Program 2009-(Australia)
26. TOYOTA Avensis Key Program 2003(Australia)
27. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2006-2008(Australia)
28. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2009-2010(Australia)
29. TOYOTA Camry Smart Key Program 2011-(Australia)
30. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2007-2009(Australia)
31. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2009-(Australia)
32. TOYOTA Hiace Key Program 2006-2008(Australia)
33. TOYOTA Hiace Key Program 2009-(Australia)
34. TOYOTA Hilux Key Program 2004-2008(Australia)
35. TOYOTA Hilux Key Program 2009-(Australia)
36. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2005-2007(Australia)
37. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2009-(Australia)
38. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 1998-2002(Australia)
39. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2002(Australia)
40. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Smart Key Program 2012(Australia)
41. TOYOTA Prado Key Program 2002-2008(Australia)
42. TOYOTA Prado Key Program 2009-(Australia)
43. TOYOTA Prado Smart Key Program 2009-(Australia)
44. TOYOTA Rav4 Key Program 2002-2005(Australia)
45. TOYOTA Rav4 Key Program 2006-2008(Australia)
46. TOYOTA Rav4 Key Program 2009-(Australia)
47. TOYOTA Tarago Key Program 2002-2005(Australia)
48. TOYOTA Tarago Key Program 2006-2008(Australia)
49. TOYOTA Vanguard Smart Key Program 2009(Australia)
50. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2005-2009(Australia)
51. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2009-(Australia)
52. TOYOTA Auris Key Program 2007-2009(Europe)
53. TOYOTA Auris Key Program 2009-2012(Europe)
54. TOYOTA Auris Smart Key Program 2009-2012(Europe)
55. TOYOTA Avensis Key Program 1997-2008(Europe)
56. TOYOTA Avensis Key Program 2008-2011(Europe)
57. TOYOTA Avensis Smart Key Program 2008-2011(Europe)
58. TOYOTA Avensis Key Program 2011-(Europe)
59. TOYOTA Aygo Key Program 2005-2014(Europe)
60. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2006-2008(Europe)
61. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2001-2003(Europe)
62. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2004-2007(Europe)
63. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2008-2013(Europe)
64. TOYOTA Hilux Key Program 2008-2011(Europe)
65. TOYOTA Hilux Key Program 2011-(Europe)
66. TOYOTA IQ Key Program 2008-2014(Europe)
67. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2004-2009(Europe)
68. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2009-2013(Europe)
69. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Smart Key Program 2009-2013(Europe)
70. TOYOTA Mr2 Key Program 2002-2005(Europe)
71. TOYOTA Previa Key Program 2002-2005(Europe)
72. TOYOTA Prius Key Program 2003-2009(Europe)
73. TOYOTA Prius Smart Key Program 2009-2013(Europe)
74. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2003-2005(Europe)
75. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2005-2009(Europe)
76. TOYOTA RAV4 Smart Key Program 2005-2009(Europe)
77. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2012-(Europe)
78. TOYOTA Urban Cruiser Smart Key Program 2009(Europe)
79. TOYOTA Verso EZ Key Program 2009-2010(Europe)
80. TOYOTA Verso EZ Key Program 2012-(Europe)
81. TOYOTA Vigo Key Program 2010(Europe)
82. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2001-2005(Europe)
83. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2006-2008(Europe)
84. TOYOTA Yaris Smart Key Program 2006-2008(Europe)
85. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2009-2011(Europe)
86. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2011-(Europe)
87. TOYOTA Auris Smart Key Program 2010(Middle East)
88. TOYOTA Camry Smart Key Program 2006-2009(Middle East)
89. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2012(Middle East)
90. TOYOTA Avensis Key Program 2008-2011(South America)
91. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2008-2011(South America)
92. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2012(South America)
93. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2013(South America)
94. TOYOTA 4 Runner Key Program 2003-2009(North America)
95. TOYOTA 4 Runner Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
96. TOYOTA 4 Runner Smart Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
97. TOYOTA Aurion Key Program 2005(North America)
98. TOYOTA Aurion Smart Key Program 2005(North America)
99. TOYOTA Aurion Key Program 2006-2007(North America)
100. TOYOTA Aurion Smart Key Program 2006-2007(North America)
101. TOYOTA Aurion Key Program 2008-2012(North America)
102. TOYOTA Aurion Smart Key Program 2008-2012(North America)
103. TOYOTA Aurion Smart Key Program 2013-2014(North America)
104. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2002(North America)
105. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2003-2005(North America)
106. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2006(North America)
107. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2007-2011(North America)
108. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2011-2013(North America)
109. TOYOTA Camry Smart Key Program 2011-2013(North America)
110. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2005-2006(North America)
111. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2007-2008(North America)
112. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2009-2010(North America)
113. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2010-2011(North America)
114. TOYOTA Corolla Smart Key Program 2010-2011(North America)
115. TOYOTA Corolla Smart Key Program 2012-2013(North America)
116. TOYOTA Corolla Smart Key Program 2014-(North America)
117. TOYOTA FJ Cruiser Key Program 2008-2009(North America)
118. TOYOTA FJ Cruiser Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
119. TOYOTA Highlander Key Program 2001-2003(North America)
120. TOYOTA Highlander Key Program 2004-2007(North America)
121. TOYOTA Highlander Key Program 2008-2010(North America)
122. TOYOTA Highlander Smart Key Program 2008-2010(North America)
123. TOYOTA Highlander Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
124. TOYOTA Highlander Smart Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
125. TOYOTA Highlander Key Program 2015(North America)
126. TOYOTA Highlander Smart Key Program 2015(North America)
127. TOYOTA Highlander LE Smart Key Program 2007(North America)
128. TOYOTA Highlander LE Smart Key Program 2008-2014(North America)
129. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2001-2002(North America)
130. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2003-2007(North America)
131. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Smart Key Program 2008-2010(North America)
132. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Smart Key Program 2014(North America)
133. TOYOTA Matrix Key Program 2005-2007(North America)
134. TOYOTA Matrix Key Program 2007-2010(North America)
135. TOYOTA Matrix Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
136. TOYOTA Prius Key Program 2004-2009(North America)
137. TOYOTA Prius Smart Key Program 2004-2009(North America)
138. TOYOTA Prius Smart Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
139. TOYOTA Prius C TWO Key Program 2012-2013(North America)
140. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2004-2006(North America)
141. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2006-2010(North America)
142. TOYOTA RAV4 Smart Key Program 2006-2010(North America)
143. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2011-2012(North America)
144. TOYOTA RAV4 Smart Key Program 2011-2012(North America)
145. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2013-2014(North America)
146. TOYOTA RAV4 Smart Key Program 2013-2014(North America)
147. TOYOTA Sequoia Key Program 2001-2002(North America)
148. TOYOTA Sequoia Key Program 2008-2010(North America)
149. TOYOTA Sequoia Key Program 2011-2013(North America)
150. TOYOTA Sienna Key Program 2004-2007(North America)
151. TOYOTA Sienna Key Program 2008-2010(North America)
152. TOYOTA Sienna Key Program 2011-2014(North America)
153. TOYOTA Sienna Smart Key Program 2011-2014(North America)
154. TOYOTA Sienna Key Program 2015(North America)
155. TOYOTA Solara Key Program 2002-2003(North America)
156. TOYOTA Solara Key Program 2004-2007(North America)
157. TOYOTA Solara Key Program 2007-2008(North America)
158. TOYOTA Tacoma Key Program 2005-2007(North America)
159. TOYOTA Tacoma Key Program 2008-2010(North America)
160. TOYOTA Tacoma Key Program 2011-2014(North America)
161. TOYOTA Tundra Key Program 2007-2010(North America)
162. TOYOTA Tundra Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
163. TOYOTA Venza Key Program 2009(North America)
164. TOYOTA Venza Key Program 2010-2011(North America)
165. TOYOTA Venza Key Program 2012-2014(North America)
166. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2007(North America)
167. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2008-2011(North America)
168. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2012-2013(North America)
169. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2014(North America)


SKP-900 V4.5 update plan (22th. Oct 2016):

-Dodge RAM1500 PIN CODE Read by OBD 2006
-Dodge RAM1500 Remote Key Program 2006

SKP-900-V4.4 Released  (29th, Sep)

1、HYUDNAI Elantra Key Program 2008-                                          2、HYUDNAI Elantra Key Program 2012
3、HYUDNAI SONATA Key Program                                                    4、HYUDNAI I30 Key Program
5、HYUDNAI IX35 Key Program                                                           6、HYUDNAI IX35(F/L) Key Program
7、HYUDNAI IX35(F/L) Smart Key Program                                       8、HYUDNAI New IX35 Key Program
9、HYUDNAI Verna Key Program                                                         10、HYUDNAI Verna Smart Key Program
11、HYUDNAI SONATA (YFC) Key Program                                   12、HYUDNAI Elantra (MDC) Key Program
13、HYUDNAI Elantra (MDC) Smart Key Program                       14、HYUDNAI H1 Key Program 2011-
15、HYUDNAI SANTAFE(F/L) Key Program 2009-                            16、HYUDNAI SANTAFE (Gasoline) Key Program 2006-
17、HYUDNAI Veracruz(EN) Key Program 2006-                            18、HYUDNAI Coupe Key Program 2012-
19、HYUDNAI Coupe Key Program 2009-                                         20、HYUDNAI Rohens (BH) Key Program 2012-
21、HYUDNAI Rohens (BH) Key Program 2009-                          22、KIA Forte Key Program 2009-2013
23、KIA SPORTAGE Key Program 2008-2013                                  24、KIA SPORTAGE R Smart Key 2011
25、KIA K5 Key Program 2011-2013                                                   26、KIA K5 Smart Key Program 2011-2013
27、KIA K5 Key Program 2014-                                                            28、KIA K5 (HEV)  Key Program 2013-
29、KIA K5 (HEV) Smart Key Program -2013                                30、KIA Cadenza (VG) Key Program 2012-
31、KIA Cadenza (VG F/L) Key Program 2013-                                 32、KIA Opirus Key Program 2007-
33、KIA SORENTO Key Program 2013                                               34、KIA SORENTO Key Program 2009-
35、KIA SORENTO (Gasoline) Key Program 2007-2008


SKP-900-V4.3 Update Information (Aug 16th)

1、MAZDA Axela Smart Key free code program 2007 ~ 2015
2、MAZDA ATENZA Smart Key free code program 2007 ~ 2015
3、MAZDA CX-5 Smart Key free code program 2007 ~ 2015 Free Pin Code

SKP-900 V4.2 Update Information (May. 23th)

1.  DODGE RAM-1500 Smart Key Program
2.  BUICK Excelle Remote Key Program 2015-
3.  HUMMER H3 Remote Program
4.  Chevrolet SAIL Remote Program 2015-
5.  MAZDA CX-5 Add Smart Key Program
6.  BUICK ENVISION Smart Key Program
7.  TOYOTA Replace the new immo box Program
8.  VW POLO Remote Program 2015-
9.  Fiat Bravo Remote Key Program
10. Audi A4 Remote Program


SKP-900 Key Programmer V3.5 Released! (May 26th,2015)

1. Land Rover Discovery IV(L319) Add Smart Key and Support all key lost 2010-2015-
2. Range Rover sport(L320) Add Smart Key and Support all key lost 2010-2013-
3. Range Rover sport(L494) Add Smart Key and Support all key lost 2014-2015-
4. Range Rover mark III(L322) Add Smart Key and Support all key lost 2010-2012-
5. Range Rover mark IV(L405) Add Smart Key and Support all key lost 2013-2015-
6. Range Rover Evoque(L538) Add Smart Key and Support all key lost 2012-2015-
7. Land Rover Freelander II(L359) Add Smart Key and Support all key lost 2012-2014-
8. Jaguar XF(X250) Add Smart Key and Support all key lost 2010-2013-
9. Jaguar XJ(X351) Add Smart Key and Support all key lost 2010-2014-

SuperOBD SKP-900 Key Programmer V3.4 Released! (Apr. 28th)

1. Infiniti Q70L Smart Key program 2013
2. Infiniti M25 Smart Key program 2013
4. HONDA Fit Smart Key program 2014
5. HONDA VEZEL Remote Key program 2014
6. HONDA VEZEL Smart Key program 2014
7. CHINA MODEL ZHONGHUA H330 Smart Key program
8. MENU optimization for NISSAN Infiniti HONDA
9. Some Fix BUG

1. Mitsubishi EVO-10 Smart Key Program
2. Mitsubishi PAJERO V75 ID-61 Key Program 2010
3. Mitsubishi PAJERO V73 Key Program 2004-
4. Mitsubishi PAJERO V97 Key Program
5. Mitsubishi ASX Key And Remote Program 2013-
6. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Key And Remote Program 2013-
7. Mitsubishi Outlander Key And Remote Program 2013-

Highlights for SKP900 programmer:
1. VW Touareg key program 2004-2010
2. VW Phaeton key program 2004-2013
3. BENTLEY key program 2004-2012
4. AUDI A8L key program 2004-2009
5. Mazda CX-9 Smart key program
6. 46/4D/48 Adapter Plus Fix BUG
SKP-900 advanced features:
1) Pin code 
For some vehicles, SKP-900 can directly program the key, no need pincode at all. Besides, SKP900 can read many pin codes. Only a fee vehicles need to get pin code from other place. Or you can choose our professional VPC-100 PinCode Calculator.

2) Tokens
This SKP-900 has 50 tokens itself. After these token run over, you can go to official website to charge tokens FOR FREE. Register this product on official website, log in and you will see the menu for charge tokens on this device.

3) Updatable software, fee update for ever

Software is update on official website. New software is released frequently, you may update it monthly. Now you can update the device on official website for lifelong totally for free.

Low price to meet the economic crisis, cost-effective. The best tool for individual and repair shop.
Supported Car Brands list:

The detailed SKP-900 car list



Here is the comparision for SKP-900 and other key programmer:

SKP-900 PK other Key programmers
Item SKP-900 Other Original Equipments Clone Equipments
Supported models More Much More Not More
Supported Year Very New Not very new Very old
Models do not need pin code More very few vert few
Price Many  Very Few Very Few
Intellectual Property Rights Cost-Effective High Cheap
Update Frequency Own trade mark Own trade mark illegal
Update Cost Low price High price No
Tokens Free Add Need money No
Adapter Cards No need No need Need
Conclusion The Most Secsible Choice Expensive No update


Q: Can i use this SuperOBD SKP-900 to map ECU or program immobilizer?
A: No. This one only can program keys. Do not have other function. If you want to have other function besides program key, you can choose the key pro m8.


SKP-900 Key Programmer Package List:

1 pcs * SKP-900 Programmer
1 pcs * OBD Adapter Cable
1 pcs * HY/KIA Adapter
1 pcs * KIA-20 Adapter
1 pcs * HONDA-3 Adapter
1 pcs * USB Cable
1 pcs * CD
1 pcs * Manual

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